2020 VIP Dance


Tommy T.

The VIP Dance was chance for students to bond with their parents.

Tommy T. and Conner L.

You’re in the middle of the gym dancing and enjoying the time you have with your very important guest. You show off your amazing dance moves, following the beat of the music. Feeling hungry? There’s In-N-Out waiting for you. Why would anyone not come to this dance?

The V.I.P Dance was a dance party where students had the opportunity to bond with their parents. Led by the PTSO, this event was created to help raise funds for DCIS.

“You’re bringing your very important person to dance, have In-N-Out, take pictures, and have a good time,” said Christie Babayan, the president/co-president of the PTSO. “We do this to raise money for the PTSO, which in turn helps (students) in the classroom. We get you things like headphones and fun stuff like cooking (equipment).

Students looked forward to the dance with their friends and family. 

“I feel important (going to the dance). Normally on Fridays, we do some boring stuff, but I get to do something that most people wouldn’t really do with my mom,” said 7th grader Ezra S. 

Some kids don’t spend much time with their parents, and the V.I.P dance provided a way for them to get together.

“It will help me connect with my family because my father isn’t home a lot, and this was a one-time experience that we could hang out together, like a daddy-daughter night. We could dance with each other and have fun,”7th grade Emily E. said.

After the dance, students thought that it was a memorable experience. 

“I was dancing with my mom, and it was great. I got to increase my bond with her. I think it was a great experience for both of us because we got to know each other better,” said 7th grader Michael G.

The V.I.P dance was an enjoyable night for all involved. Make sure to go next year!