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To the Coyote Counsel,

I’m not used to having lots of homework, but this year I have so much and no free time. On top of that, I have soccer practice three times a week and my friends always want to hang out. I’m so swamped with homework that whenever my friends want to hang out, I have to turn them down, even on the weekends! I also have to miss almost all of my practices, so I barely get any field time! So as you can see, I need lots of help and quick!


SS (Real name not used…just the initials… you know who you are 😀)


Dear Swamped Student,

We get it. As middle schoolers, we are constantly loaded with homework. And with friends and extracurricular activities, it adds up. If you need to do homework but also want to hang out with friends, rather than neglect school, why not bring the two together? Create a study group with your friends – that way you can bond with your buddies and also finish any homework. Another plus to that is getting help on any subject you may be having trouble with. Also, if you are so passionate about soccer, make sure to always try your best at every soccer practice and game you can attend. If you try to make it to all the practices and games and play your best, your coach will definitely take notice.

The Coyote Counsel



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Swamped Student